Components of Range Advantage I

It’s becoming increasingly common to justify decisions at the poker table by commenting on subtle range-vs-range interactions.

This board favours my range, so therefore I should bet”. 

This is despite the fact that the majority of players, even winning players, don’t understand the relevant variables when analyzing range-vs-range interaction. Statements such as the above are simply a smoke-screen for the fact that no decent decision-making process is occurring. I.e, I don’t really know whether to bet here, so let’s just fire anyway and make some vague comment about “range advantage”.

Of course, range advantage is a real concept, and understanding it correctly can increase our capacity for accurate decision-making in many scenarios. Here we will break the concept down into relevant variables and dispel some myths in the process.

The Blind Spot of Range vs Range Analysis

Before we analyze range advantage in greater depth, it’s necessary to start with a warning. The idea of analyzing range advantage goes hand-in-hand with equilibrium or GTO style strategies. I.e, the type of strategies that are advocated by PIOsolver and other GTO solvers. Blindly attempting to reproduce such strategies can lead to a large number of missed exploitative opportunities.

In other words, if we are playing small-stakes or lower in a soft player pool, most of our attention should be centered around finding the best exploitative play. If we find ourselves consumed with thoughts of equilibrium strategies and balanced lines, we are absolutely not doing our winrate any favours.

Cel mai bogat om din Babilon!

Cartea Cel mai Bogat om din  Babilon: Secretele Eterne ale Succesului scrisa de George S. Clason este una dintre cartile de baza in ceea ce priveste educatia financiara necesara pentru atingerea independentei financiare.

Parabole babiloniene ale lui George S. Clason sunt considerate a fi adevarate surse de inspiratie, ce trateaza atatea subiecte dureros de actuale precum planificarea si obtinerea succesului financiar, asigurarea unui venit solid pentru viitor, dar si principii financiare extrem de solide.

Desi vechi de mii de ani, aceste povestiri fascinante, bogate in sfaturi si informatii extrem de utile, au devenit un model demn de urmat pentru toti autorii lumii moderne ce hotarasc sa scrie despre toate aceste teme.

Folosind un limbaj simplu  si profund, acest ghid de intelegere a lumii financiare ne schiteaza o cale sigura spre prosperitate si, implicit, spre fericire.

Totodata, ne ajuta sa intelegem problemele financiare cu care ne confruntam, oferindu-ne si o solutie ce ne va calauzi pe durata intregii vieti.

Cel mai bogat om din Babilon este o carte pe care trebuie sa o cititi fara intarziere, s-o recomandati prietenilor si s-o daruiti tinerilor care fac primii pasi in lumea afacerilor.